What is Obamacare?

Obamacare con Diana Aristizabal

The Affordable Care Act, popularly known as  Obamacare , was signed on March 23, 2010 and promoted by President Barack Obama.

It is a Health Reform, aimed at making medical insurance more accessible and affordable for everyone.

When we say affordable, we mean that  Obamacare  gives health subsidies to individuals and families, based on age, household size, and income. The insurance covers numerous treatments and health situations that were not previously considered.

And accessible, because now people with pre-existing conditions and pregnant women can’t be turned down by insurers.

The 10 essential benefits of  Obamacare :

Once purchased, you can receive the “10 essential benefits” for health care:

• Preventive care
• General check-ups,
• Treatment of chronic diseases
• Prescription drugs
• Medical emergencies
• Hospitalization
• Laboratories
• Pediatrics
• Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum
• Psychiatry, addiction treatment, rehabilitation therapy, among others. 

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