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The financial foundation of any family should be protected in the event of chronic illness, disability, or death with good life insurance. A financial analysis is essential to determine the amount required.

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Life insurance with benefits in life, peace of mind for you and your family

Nobody wants to think about dying, unfortunately it is an inevitable part of life. If the head of the household dies, how could he continue the same lifestyle? or if the person suffers from a chronic or critical illness, how could he recover without affecting the income he brings home, what would happen to his family: Did you know that every 26 seconds a person has a heart condition and every minute a person dies from an event to the heart. Life insurance is not just for when you die, today it protects us in life and helps us supplement our tax-free retirement.

Retirement savings plan

One strategy for your tax-free retirement is life insurance. A good strategy for the pension is not only how much you are going to accumulate but how much less you are going to pay in taxes. Life insurance offers you this Benefit.

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Mortgage Protection

The main patrimony of a family is the house, in case of an eventuality due to death or illness, the mortgage would continue to be paid without interruptions, avoiding the risk of losing the main patrimony of your family.

College planning

The biggest concern of our family is the future of our children. Through life insurance you can plan to pay for college or pay for extras such as a room and books; or even more starting a company if studying is not the goal.

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The most difficult moment for a family is facing a family loss, more so if it is unexpected; make decisions at that moment or the anguish of not knowing what to do, where to go; most of the time people make costly decisions or make wrong decisions that would be painful for a lifetime.


Don't worry about expenses in the event of the death of one of your loved ones

Final expense insurance protects families at that final moment; to cover funeral expenses. When we plan our financial future, we protect the mortgage, the income and most of the time we ignore the funeral expense; an unexpected expense that without preparing for it can destroy the finances of a family and even the same life insurance that is strategically established to cover the most immediate needs of the family.

Plans for 7 people for less tan US $1.7 a day

Advises the mourners at such a difficult time for everyone; Giving that last goodbye is essential for the bereaved and with our totally free advice we take care of the last wishes for that moment. Either repatriation to Latin America and the United States. Funeral assistance is offered until final destination. 

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